Brookfield Residential

The PureBlue Home Campaign

In early 2015, Brookfield Residential opened an experimental model home, utilizing the latest in healthy and energy-efficient technology, features and construction methods. We called it “The PureBlue Home,” capturing the all-encompassing approach and connecting it to the broader Brookfield Blue energy-efficiency program. To make the idea easily understandable, we chose to describe it as a “concept home,” much like BMW’s popular concept cars. The team at Brookfield Residential was extremely passionate about the project. To best convey that passion, we featured team members, as well as beautiful footage of the home itself in a promotional video.

At the very successful Grand Opening, visitors learned about the home on a 47-inch interactive touchscreen kiosk or carried a tablet computer to navigate the interactive site as they toured the home. iPads in each room explained specific features. We debuted a promotional website and launched a major local and national media push through a multimedia press release and ready-made feature stories tailored to a variety of outlets. The media response was phenomenal and Brookfield’s Washington, D.C., division earned high praise from its corporate office.