Glenmont MetroCentre

Community Branding and Advertising

Glenmont MetroCentre is all about freedom. That’s the soul of the brand we developed for Winchester Homes’ new townhome community, opening in 2016 on Washington, D.C.’s urban edge. These stylish homes are steps from the Metro, putting the best of life in the D.C. area just a train ride away.

The community colors revolve around shades of red, as a nod to the nearby Metro Red Line. The diagonal lines mimic the rails of the train track. Our tagline is a bold call to action:

Initial marketing for Glenmont MetroCentre launched inside nearby Metro stations and commuter newspapers. Individual pieces use urban lifestyle imagery and messaging to call out the benefits of a new home so close to mass transit — happy hours and concerts and morning espressos. At the same time, we remind shoppers of the many soul-sapping parts of commuter life that they'll be leaving behind. Together these ads tell the story of a dynamic new community.

For Winchester’s new home gallery, we are able to seamlessly connect home shoppers with associated marketing materials and the community as a whole. From an oversized Metro map, highlighting the convenience of living so close to mass transit, to prominent insertions of established community messages, we unify brand elements in a single location to convey the lifestyle offered by Glenmont MetroCentre.