Claire Passero

Marketing Assistant

Hailing from the acclaimed suburbs of Northern Virginia, Claire decided to figure out what was going on next door in Maryland by joining NDG Communications after college. She studied marketing, economics and psychology at the University of Richmond and spent one semester abroad in Austria. She now claims to be an expert at eating Austrian pastries and watching “The Sound of Music.” Claire is part of a set of quadruplets and considers her sisters to be her best friends. At home, she enjoys playing piano and singing incessantly, though she remains surprised at how bad of a singer she still is despite all that practice. Claire also loves watching “The Office” reruns, going on the occasional run and petting other people's dogs. Most of her post-grad free time is spent scouring Craigslist for free furniture and Googling basic cooking techniques.

Only thing that could make this day better is ice cream.

— Michael Scott, "The Office"

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