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Today, 90% of brands maintain a presence on one or more social platforms. With so many messages and products vying for audience attention, it can be hard to break through the wall of noise. But whether you’re just starting your social media efforts or looking to improve your engagement, there’s one consideration that’s essential to a successful social media strategy: 

Why Do You Use Social Media in Your Personal Life?

It’s a place to talk with friends and family. A place to connect with those who share your passions. A place to watch viral videos, read the news or learn something new. It’s a digital playground to connect with the world around you, and it’s always a two-way street. 

If you want to promote natural engagement with your social media content, you can’t just treat it like a billboard advertisement. Your content must blend in among the life-updates from family members and photo albums of your coworker’s recent vacation. People go to social media to connect with other humans, and your brand should create a persona that feels human. Don’t know where to start? Homebuilders should set their sights on these four strategies. 

Show Off the Team Behind the Building Process 

Few potential buyers grasp how much effort, teamwork and coordination goes into the moment a buyer turns the key and walks into their new home for the first time. Publishing profiles on the key team members who make it possible — from charismatic sales consultants to dedicated construction managers — puts a human face to your brand. Plus, it provides compelling insight into the collaborative, highly involved experience a prospect will receive when they choose you to build their new home.

Capture a lighthearted photo of the employee and describe their role, but don’t stop there. Detail a hobby, experience or perspective that pushed them toward the role they play on your team. Paint a three-dimensional picture of the employee that tells a story.

Once the content has been published, encourage your team to share the post and engage with it from their personal profiles. Tag the employee in the post if possible. Ultimately, the comments and conversation around the post will go even further to depict the community that surrounds your brand. Data shows that brands generate 561% more reach on average when their messages are shared by employees rather than just on official brand social channels. 

Show Off Your New Homeowners and Event Attendees   

Social media is a great tool for highlighting new communities and grand opening events. In practice, new model photo albums are often some of the best performing content for new homebuilders. But compelling people to get off their devices and to your door is a different challenge entirely.

Tap into your audience’s FOMO (fear of missing out) by depicting the human interactions happening every day inside that beautiful home. Take as many event photos as possible and publish a post thanking those who attended. Once a family has closed, don’t forget to take a photo. New homebuyers standing in front of their new home can’t help but beam from ear to ear, and that’s one of the best signifiers to your social media audience that you offer a positive experience.

Prospects are looking for a specific product to fit their needs, but diving deeper, they’re in search of an emotion. They want to feel good about this big decision they’re going to have to make. Show them the fun, excitement, confidence and joy that you bring to families far and wide.

Turn Happy Homeowners into Brand Advocates

With 69% of adults using a social media platform every day, your digital presence can be your best marketing tool. You should always keep it in mind throughout your in-person interaction. 

When you have a new buyer express their happiness with their new home, encourage them to leave a review on social media. Provide a list of buyer details to your social media manager so they can identify and engage with them on a personal level when they interact with your brand. 

A study from SalesForce shows that 92% of consumers trust online content from friends and family more than brands on social media, so let past customers provide the social proof needed for new prospects. 

Always Respond to Feedback

Remember, a new home is not just one of the biggest purchases most people will make in their lives, it’s also a massive emotional investment. You’ll always want to respond with compassion and transparency to your customers and prospects. 

The more transparent you are with feedback on social media, the more trusting your audience will be. That positive brand voice you utilize throughout your own posts can get tested during these interactions, so it’s essential you prove that voice’s authenticity by acting with empathy. 

A successful strategy is to publish a timely public response to any negative feedback in which you are compassionate and understanding. Simultaneously, send the user a private, direct message to source additional information on their complaint. Not only does this technique move the conversation from a public forum to a private one, but it also shows that you are taking steps to attend to their feedback. Remember, you’re not a faceless company — you’re real people just like your customers are.

Next Steps

Equipped with these four strategies, you’re ready to start humanizing your social media presence. If you’re unsure how to proceed with a piece of content, always think back to why you use social media in your personal life. It’s supposed to be fun. It should be a two-way street to interact with your employees, your happy homeowners and your future customers. Now loosen up, listen in and participate. 

Still not sure how to humanize your social media presence? Does your team not have the time or resources to do it on your own? Get in touch with us and let’s work together to find the right solution for your business.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Social Media Specialist Grant Smith holds a B.S. in journalism, from which he gained experience covering state politics, promoting environmental advocacy with the Sierra Club and reviewing the city’s culinary landscape. After taking Richmond, Grant returned to the D.C. area to pursue a career that would accentuate his writing skills and found the perfect match with NDG. Grant fills his free time watching travel shows, planning overly ambitious camping trips and face timing his dog, Ozzy.

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