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La Plata, Maryland, might not be the first city that comes to mind when you’re thinking about ad agencies. But this growing town in Charles County is where you’ll find NDG Communications, an ad agency that does award-winning work on a national scale for clients all across the country.

So how does working in La Plata compare to working in DC or Northern Virginia? Here are three reasons why we think you’d love it here.

Hate Long Commutes? Us, Too.

The DC metro area is certainly known for its political and historical stature in the United States, but its reputation for heavy traffic is no secret, either. Many of the region’s most well-known ad agencies are located in the heart of DC, meaning you’ll spend the better part of your mornings and evenings hopping on trains or navigating through traffic just to get to and from work.

If you’ve ever had a long, strenuous commute, you know how it can sap your energy before you ever really get to start your day. We love our home in La Plata because we don’t have to deal with those sorts of extensive commutes. When everyone is heading into DC, Alexandria or any of the cities along the Potomac River, our team members are going in the opposite direction.

Within Reach of the Big City

Just because we don’t put ourselves through the full experience of DC rush hour, it doesn’t mean that we’re not close to everything that makes this part of the country so special.

When it’s time to head to the next client meeting or simply find the next happy hour location, both DC and Fredericksburg are well within reach. And that’s one of the reasons why we’re able to employ so many talented people from across the region.

Great Local Shops and Restaurants

10 years ago, you might have looked at La Plata and thought of it as a quaint, if not rural, suburb of DC. Today, it’s home to countless shops, restaurants and services that you’ll likely need at some point in your everyday life.

Whether you’re a “Target person” or prefer to shop in a more boutique setting at places like Centerpiece or Joson Fine Jewelry, it’s all right nearby, just down the street.

Need a gym? There are several in the area, including one that’s just across the highway from our office.

Hungry? Thirsty? Be sure to check out The Charles or grab some brews over at The Greene Turtle, both just a short walk away.

Some members of the NDG team have put down roots here in Charles County while others make the trip in from places like Alexandria, Fredericksburg and Bethesda. Either way, it’s not uncommon to see us out and about in La Plata for trivia nights, happy hour or just grabbing lunch — be sure to say hello if you see us!

Want to see for yourself what it’s like to work in La Plata? Check out our current job openings on our careers page today, and let’s do great work together!

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