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There’s never really a “slow” season when you’re at an ad agency, but when you’re as integrally connected to the homebuilding industry as NDG is, there’s nothing that compares to the pace or importance of the spring. Sure, we can always thank the longer days and warmer weather for giving us a nice boost of energy coming out of the winter, but the fact that so many of our clients rely on this time of year to sell homes makes it all the more important for our team to stay focused on doing great work.

During this time of year, you’d be hard-pressed to walk through our office and not see at least a handful of people with a pair of headphones on as they get in the zone to focus on the task at hand. We’re all about it. We’re firm believers that the right soundtrack — whatever that means to you — is conducive to creativity and focus.

What are NDG team members listening to this time of year? We had them pick out a few of their favorite jams and put together this playlist, made just for the spring season.

Are you ready to get to work? Throw on some headphones and have a listen.

Playlist Selections By:

Beverly Virkler – “Lucidity” / Tame Impala
Cheryl Macatangay – “Barefoot in the Park” / James Blake
Courtney Reed – “I Got 5 On It” / Luniz
Claire Passero – “Sarah” / (Sandy) Alex G
Dan Kidd – “Paranoid” / Post Malone
Dax Eckel – “Pleasant Valley Sunday” / The Monkees
Derek Turner – “What Would I’ve Become” / Ryan Bingham
Grant Smith – “Out of the Woods” / Foals
Greg Jensen – “Mijo” / Atmosphere
Hillary Theriault – “Move Along” / The All-American Rejects
Hillary Bowling – “Got Me Under Pressure” / ZZ Top
Jade Williams – “Freelance” / Toro y Moi
Jay Wilson Jr. – “Brazilian Rhyme” / Lance Ferguson
Josh Owens – “Elevate” / DJ Khalil
Kate Warnock – “Still Rolling Stones” / Lauren Daigle
Kellie Burch – “Don’t Stop Believin’” / Journey
Mel Gloyd – “Millionaire” / Chris Stapleton
Megan Jurnak – “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Rachael Trotter – “Reunite” / Isbells
Sarah Eckel – “Wide Awake” / Parquet Courts
Stephanie Morales – “Violet City” / Masionair
Tim Hoepfl – “Around the World…” / Daft Punk
Tom Nelson – “Pain and Misery” / The Teskey Brothers

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