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You may be getting tired of watching Tom Brady and the Patriots win (we certainly are), but you’ll probably never get tired of the commercials that air alongside the big game every year (we certainly won’t). But whether you’re all about the big game or not, we think there are a few commercials worth checking out one way or another.

Here are the top five commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl, handpicked by members of the NDG team.

Hyundai – “The Elevator”

Why We Loved It: It’s hard to argue with Jason Bateman as the world’s snarkiest elevator operator in this pitch for Hyundai’s new “Shopper Assurance” program. But beyond its funny-because-it’s-all-true premise is the fact that changing consumer demands have made this concept a reality. Gone are the days where people want to haggle with a car salesman over a weekend, and Hyundai may have just set the tone for what’s next in the car business.

Microsoft – “We All Win”

Why We Loved It: Countless brands have taken a more inclusivity-focused approach in their marketing over the past year, but Microsoft won our hearts by focusing on inclusivity in one oft-overlooked area: gaming. The amazing kids highlighted in this spot may all have differing abilities, but they’re all unified by their love of video games. We’re with you, Microsoft — everyone deserves a chance to play.

Bud Light – “Game of Thrones”

Why We Loved It: Did Bud Light just kill off its “Dilly Dilly” knight for good, or was this just a fun way to promote the upcoming Game of Thrones finale? Either way, we think everybody wins with this one.

Michelob Ultra – “Robots”

Why We Loved It: Say what you will about Michelob Ultra, but this cute commercial seemed to fit right in line with the beer brand’s recent fitness-focused advertising. You can’t help but feel just a little bit sad for the robot at the end — unless, of course, you think it’s the lucky one because it doesn’t ever have to taste Michelob Ultra.

Pringles – “Sad Device”

Why We Loved It: It’s only a matter of time before our virtual assistants become sentient and take revenge for commercials like this. Until then, though, we’ll just keep chuckling at this all-too-relevant Pringles commercial.

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