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The world of advertising and marketing moves at the speed of light — if not faster. Keeping up with this breakneck pace isn’t easy and that’s why every job title at NDG carries with it the responsibility of continued learning and education in some way, shape or form.

We know it’s up to us as an agency to stay on top of the latest trends and happenings to help our clients stay ahead of their competition, so we give our team the tools they need to do just that. But even though we expect everyone on our team to be an expert in their field, we understand that not everyone learns the same way. So here are the four different ways we keep our team up to date and in the know:

An Extensive In-House Library

Our workplace is more than just a place to get jobs done. It’s also a place designed to foster learning and creative thinking that help us get jobs done better than we did the day before.

Learning is in our DNA because we know it’s the only way to make ourselves better personally and professionally, so we surround ourselves with all the right resources. From books and audiobooks to magazines and industry publications, NDG’s library is full of countless opportunities for our team members to expand their horizons in whatever way they see fit.

Can’t find the book you need on our bookshelf? Just ask. From day one at NDG, you’re encouraged to request any resources you need to be the best version of yourself. We’ll even order you an audiobook if the old-fashioned paper and ink don’t jive with your learning style.

Online Courses, Webinars and Guides

When we’re looking for something to spark our creativity or point us in the right direction, we regularly turn to the countless resources, webinars and how-to guides available just a few clicks away.

Because we build in training and learning time into our days, it’s not uncommon to see team members sharing thought-provoking articles or the latest industry trends in Slack threads throughout the day. And we also maintain active subscriptions to resources such as Lynda.com or Second Wind in case we ever need to dive deeper into a topic.

Learning from Each Other

Some of our best resources are sitting right next to us, and we’re never afraid to share our knowledge and expertise with teammates.

During our weekly kickoff meetings, we ask team members to share what they learned over the past week and how those things can be applied during the week ahead. And every now and then, we even hold small- or full-team training sessions during the workday to let the experts of every department show others something new.

Conferences, Meetups and More

Sometimes, immersing yourself in an experience and surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people in your industry is the best way to learn. That’s why we’re strong proponents of giving our team members the opportunity to travel to various conferences and meetups in the region or around the country — whether they’re a marketing manager, a developer, an art director or something else entirely.

We’ve sent our team to annual conferences like the International Builders’ Show and BDX’s Digital Transformation Summit to learn more about the trends in homebuilding. But we also make it a point to have team members attend other events like Digital Summit to learn more about digital marketing as a whole outside of the industry silo.

We know that it’s a pricey learning opportunity that not all agencies are willing to pay for, but we think the knowledge gained and perspective earned at these events is worth every penny.

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