A History of More Mockup

When it comes to homebuilders in Texas, HISTORYMAKER Homes is a name that stands for quality, value and excellence in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). But in the Houston area — a relatively new market for the builder — the name HISTORYMAKER didn’t have quite as much cachet.

That was something we aimed to solve with our latest branding campaign for HISTORYMAKER. Make no mistake, it wasn’t so much that we needed to refresh the entire brand as much as it was to find a way of introducing it with impact to an entirely new audience. Here’s how we did it.

A History of More

The idea was simple: Let’s talk about what customers in DFW have loved about HISTORYMAKER’s homes for decades. We focused on the idea that HISTORYMAKER has prided itself for delivering more spacious designs and personalization options for the money than its competitors. Thus, “A History of More” concept came to life naturally.

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Built on “A History of More” as a tagline, our creative team then gave the concept legs with supporting copy that spoke to what exactly “more” meant.

In addition to the impactful headlines used throughout the campaign, we also prominently featured customer testimonials as a way to add social proof to the claim that HISTORYMAKER offered “more” to its buyers. These snippets of quoted text — used on a variety of the campaign elements — provided a small yet vital way to ensure the brand story didn’t come across like an empty promise to potential buyers.

“We knew that HISTORYMAKER Homes built a hard-earned reputation for quality, service and value in DFW, so our top priority was communicating that to an entirely new market,” Associate Creative Director Derek Turner said. “This concept is designed to leverage that reputation and to assure and motivate buyers in Houston.”

Making It About Them

One of the biggest things we’ve learned in our years marketing homebuilders is that consumers really don’t care about what makes a builder special. Instead, they want to know what those special qualities means for them and their loved ones.

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“Emphasizing the HISTORYMAKER legacy is the foundation of this whole thing,” Derek said. “But the language used across the ads is really about what all that means for the homebuyer. This was a conscious decision on our part because, in the end, the only thing the consumer really cares about is how a builder’s legacy benefits them — and rightfully so.”

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