Football season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us, you can’t keep your eyes off all the action. As we watch the powerhouse teams of college and professional football terrorize the underachievers of the league (we’re looking at you, Cleveland), it got us thinking: What can football teach you about marketing for new home construction?

The two topics have more in common than you might think, and the keys to building a strong football team are strikingly similar to those of building a sound marketing strategy for your business. What are those keys? Read on.

Your Team Needs to be on the Same Page

Have you ever noticed how the best teams always seem to be one step ahead of their competition at every turn? Sure, pure raw talent has a little bit to do with a team’s success, but winning is ultimately a result of everyone buying into a game plan from the very beginning.

Work to unify your sales and marketing teams’ efforts as you roll out your fall campaign or marketing strategy. By getting everyone in sync, your sales team will have a better understanding of how home shoppers are connecting with your brand, and your marketing team will be better positioned to adapt based on feedback from the people actually interacting with consumers.

You Need to Understand How the Game is Won

“You play to win the game,” Head Coach Herm Edwards repeated in a now-infamous post-game press conference. For Edwards, the only thing that mattered was the final score. For you and your company, the only thing that matters is your bottom line.

Your goal is sales, and your marketing strategy should help you get closer to your goal. But just like a playbook in football, your marketing strategy should be constructed with the understanding that not every “play” is going to lead to an immediate touchdown. No one buys a new home on a whim, so you need to define the milestones, metrics and benchmarks that indicate you’re moving in the right direction towards your goal.

You might be thinking the total number of leads is the simplest indicator of success but does that really tell the whole story? It’s easy to get caught up in one or two metrics, but we believe that a winning approach is one that values consistent quality over quantity based on a wide variety of measurable metrics and proven calculations. You just need to determine if that’s what you believe, too.

You Should Know the “Role Players” in Your Media Plan

Every football team has the people who always make a splash whenever they’re on the field. But just as important are the players who provide tremendous value by filling important yet often-overlooked roles on the team.

Think about your own media plan and marketing mix. What “superstar” placements give you the best average cost-per-lead performance? It might be paid search, social media or something else entirely. Regardless, we know how easy it is to want to put all your faith into a select few strategies, but it’s important to stick with a diversified marketing mix along the way. Not every media source or placement is going to generate a high volume of leads, but those tactics might represent vital elements of your brand awareness efforts.

You Can’t be Afraid to Call an Audible

It’s essential that your marketing strategy isn’t just one big “hail mary” from the beginning, so it should be firmly grounded by realistic expectations. It’s just as important that you can change and adapt on the fly, too.

Use all the data you have at your disposal and don’t be afraid to change things up along the way if something isn’t working or isn’t delivering an adequate level of value for your bottom line. There’s nothing worse than throwing good money after the bad just because your original plan said you should.

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