In the age of the smartphone, mobile apps are among the most-used forms of software consumers engage with on a regular basis. In homebuilding, however, many have yet to dive into the world of apps.

You might be asking yourself: “Do I even need a mobile app for my business?” It’s a fair question to ask and one we’ve heard plenty of times before. So we’re taking a look at some of the reasons why it might make sense for you to consider adding an app to your digital media portfolio.

Empowering Your Customers to Improve Satisfaction

Believe it or not, what your customers really want from you is to feel like they’ve made the best decisions for themselves and their families. Choosing the perfect house isn’t easy, and deciding to pay for it over the next few decades is even more difficult. But once you can get them over those hurdles and feeling confident about their choices, the last thing you want to do is leave them wondering what happens next.

You can help reaffirm their decisions — in the home they’ve chosen and in the builder that they’ve chosen to build it — simply by setting clear expectations about what the homebuilding process entails and how they can stay in touch with you throughout it. By giving them an all-in-one solution and resource for those challenges, you can seamlessly bridge the gap between contract signing to closing.

From sharing photos to posting progress updates, your team can keep your customers involved, engaged and, most importantly, happy throughout what is usually considered an unclear homebuilding process. Just think about how hooked you are to notifications on your smartphone — and how that might feel if you were getting notifications about the finishing touches being put on your new home. There’s no better way to delight and build confidence within those who’ve entrusted you to be a part of this big moment in their lives.

A Pure Extension of Your Brand

Few, if any, digital platforms give you the opportunity to show consumers exactly what your brand is all about. With a mobile app, however, you control the message, the aesthetic and the experience. That’s the key to building a strong brand that someone can identify with and, more importantly, a brand that someone is likely to willingly advocate for.

Standing Out Among Competitors

Though it may seem slightly superficial, this is an important one. To this point, only a select few homebuilders have dedicated resources to building out a mobile app strategy, which means you have the opportunity to be on the leading edge in the industry. But this won’t be the case forever.

You can show your potential customers that you’re not the type of builder to lag behind in any area of your business. And as the industry becomes more commoditized every day, standing out against your competitors is all the more important. Plus, the sooner you get started, the further ahead you’ll be when your competition finally decides to enter the ring.

Want to learn more about why mobile apps and homebuilders make a great fit? Check out the work we did for Brookfield Residential’s custom mobile app or get in touch with us today.

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