You knew, of course, that October is National Book Month.

What may surprise you is that when the NDG team isn’t hard at work for our amazing clients, we have been known to read a bit. And not just those glossy magazines with a Kardashian on the cover.

So in the spirit of National Book Month, we’re kicking off a monthly book blog. We’ll highlight some of our favorites from the NDG Library, handpicked to educate and inspire the team. Sometimes we read books just for kicks. We’ll throw in some of those, too.

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The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy
The Super Bowl-winning former NFL head coach shares his seven keys of mentor leadership. Arguing that the lessons that served him well coaching athletes at the top of their profession can be distilled and utilized by leaders in all fields, Dungy explains how to get your team to respect and follow you without resorting to intimidation tactics.


Account Services

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) by Google’s Jim Lecinski
This free ebook from Google is filled with great insights for the mastering the new landscape that the online explosion has brought to the marketplace. The Internet has changed the way we learn about products, and the instant a potential customer types a product’s name into a Google search, the Zero Moment of Truth has begun. Here’s how to win the moment.



Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath
The Brothers Heath came to the concept of sticky ideas from different places, one a college professor and the other in education technology. Together, they wrote this book investigating the common factors that make some ideas memorable and others not so much. Full of case studies and anecdotes making the argument that there is, in fact, a formula for creativity.


Off the Clock

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
—From Sara Badr, NDG Director of Account Services

The truth is I didn’t know what this book was going to be about when I bought it, but I was intrigued so I did.

Some cool things about this book:

  1. The cover glows in the dark (yes, I bought the actual book. I’m a paper fiend) 
  2. This book’s main character is a graphic designer but gets a job as a book clerk at this off-the-beaten track bookstore. And I mean WHO doesn’t love old, dusty bookstores?
  3. This book turns into a mystery when we discover a secret book society. It’s a fun book—totally not what I expected but a great read.  

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